Lizz Castles and Bassmoves


Lizz  has  lived  in  the  Coachella  Valley  all  her  life, dedicating herself to music and art throughout the community since  2015.  In  2022, she learned  to  DJ  and  hosted her  first  house  show  at  Bart  in  Cat city.  This launched  the  start of her  DJ  career. Today she DJs all  over  California, from  packed  Friday  nights  like Gasolina  to  dive  bars  in  San  Diego.  Her goal is to  take you  on  a  musical  journey  with  no  limits, from Reggaeton,  Guaracha  to  high  energy  Spanish  Tech  and House.

Bassmoves home base is Palm Springs, but it's her Nicaraguan heritage and roots that influence her production of music in so many ways. She's at her best when incorporating Spanish Tech, Tribal Sounds and the natural fast pace of Latin dance music to her sets. Mixing and producing her own sets since 2012 she's mastered a unique style that she plans on continuously evolving.