Kimora Blac


Kunty Bitch, Koy Beauty or Kindhearted Babe

Kimora Blac is no stranger to controversy. From gossip about plastic surgery, stories of her being the ultimate bitch, and tales of secret sex tapes...she has heard it all truly making her “The KIM K of DRAG”. She arrived first as Lady Kimora - young, under-aged, brash, a bit naive, but in love with living the wild Queen lifestyle. Known for sneaking out of her bedroom window in the dead of night to escape the bourgeoisie trappings of her upbringing, and just to have a reason to wear clear, triple platform, stripper heels and a ripped up denim jacket...of course she thought that was it and she was the shit! Over time, Kimora emerged, a slightly more polished, yet still rough-around-the-edges Queen.

When you really learn to know her, Kimora Blac is a Kindhearted Babe who isn’t afraid to show those moments of tender vulnerability that lie just beneath the surface, a fleeting glimpse of the little girl revealed, at times, buried deeply in her ebon eyes. Her Koy Beauty undoubtedly makes the unsuspecting catch their breath, but don’t be fooled; if you cross her path in the wrong way, if you step on her game, she will unleash the fury of the Kunty Bitch that she can truly be when the scenario calls for it.Kimora Blac teeters between two divergent personalities: “The Boujee Barbie” and “The Kim K of Drag.” The two are so opposite from one another it's like a split personality - the two faces of Eve, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. "The Boujee Barbie" is always colorful, bubbly and ebullient; she sparkles like crystal.

Kimora Blac’s drag career skyrocketed because of her sense of style, talented performances, charisma, attitude, and most of all, her being the perfect mash-up of a Kunty Bitch, a Koy Beauty and a Kindhearted Babe; the most alluring, endearing entrancing, frightening, and infuriating fem fatale that you could ever meet. She doesn't just put on a show - she is the show. But most of all, at the heart of her heart, she adores and appreciates anyone and everyone in her presence because sharing drag and inspiring younger queens to shoot for the stars is her passion!